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Tricolon – History and fusion of languages is the title of his Master’s Degree thesis in Jazz, centered on the analysis of the operas of three big musicians of the international scene: Enrico Pieranunzi, Enrico Intra, Franco D’Andrea and Franco Cerri. Meeting, interviewing and working with them, drawing from their knowledge and describing their artistic thought is a privilege, as well as a source of illumination.

Obtaining inspiration, he composes and plays two original pieces for jazz trio, composed of piano, electric bass and drums (Conservatorio Santa Cecilia in Rome, 18 july 2017).
It is a metamorphosis of musical styles, through which the examination board, formed by the illustrious Maestros Paolo Damiani, Danilo Rea, Ettore Fioravanti, Fabio Zeppetella and Carla Conti, award him with the maximum marks cum laude, honourable mention and bacio accademico (the academic kiss is an Italian special award for distinguished graduates).

Subsequently, he obtains the recommendation for publication in the National Database PubbliTesi, realized by CNR with the patronage of MIUR, aimed at gathering and spreading the best thesis degrees.

Stefano Proietti was born in Rome in June of 1993.
He approaches piano studies at the age of eight and enters in Conservatory in 2007. It is the beginning of a long journey, a passion that begins almost as a game, but continues, pushed by curiosity and creative spirit, and it is transformed into a reason for living.

During his academic path, he is influenced by listening to different musical genres and studying the great geniuses in history: from Beethoven to Charlie Parker, from Liszt to Duke Ellington, from Ravel to Chick Corea. The interest goes on to the big Maestros of film music, such as Ennio Morricone, John Williams and Hans Zimmer, without neglecting the detailed study of international pop music.

In 2011, the winning of first absolute prize at the International Piano Competition - University of Tuscia in Viterbo represents a new start.

The academic-pianistic education acquired until that moment is in need of wider visions, so in the same year he enrols in the composition class of the vecchio ordinamento (old system of education - today recognised as a Master’s Degree), which he nowdays continues to frequent the ninth year under the guidance of the Maestros Antonio di Pofi and Francesco Telli.

The new training commitments take him to musical territories which had been unexplored until that moment, and in the summer of 2011 he approaches a new language for the first time, participating in Umbria Jazz.

He could not have had a better beginning. The Clinics of Berklee College of Music in Boston allow him to meet with Maestros of great artistic depth, such as Scott De Ogburn, Matt Nichol, Mark Shilansky, Dino Govoni, Jeff Stout, David Boato, Giovanni Tommaso, Luigi Tessarollo, Nicola Cordisco, Rosario Giuliani, Allan Harris, Dee Alexander and Donna McElroy. Working with them is a fundamental experience which is repeated in 2013.

After obtaining a high school diploma, in 2012 he moves to England for some months. He seizes the opportunity to explore the British territory, immersing himself in disparate jam sessions and having experiences with musicians of every origin and education, touching cities like London, Chichester, Brighton, Southampton and Portsmouth.

Going back to Italy, he also decides to begin jazz studies parallel to those of classical piano and composition, without neglecting anything.

From 2013 to 2015 he works without rest, guided by the Maestros: Andrea Beneventano, Angelo Schiavi, Michele Iannaccone, Marco Tiso and Amedeo Tommasi. Furthermore, he participates in masterclasses and training seminars with Barry Harris, Enrico Pieranunzi, Sullivan Fortner, Ameen Saleem, Joseph Lepore, Luca Santaniello, Pietro Tonolo, Roy Hargrove, Quincy Phillips, Justin Robinson, Osvaldo Corsaro, Alberto Fidone, Paolo Sorge, Stefania Patané, Antonella Leotta, Rodney Green, Rhiannon, Logan Richardson and Dana Hawkins.

In 2014 he goes back to England and is admitted to Royal Academy of Music in London, where the examination board writes: «impressive pianistic technique, deep and expressive phrasing».

In 2015 he receives a Master’s Degree in Classical Piano (with the old system of education vecchio ordinamento), at the Conservatorio Santa Cecilia in Rome, with maximum marks, under the guidance of the Maestro Ersilia Ungaro, obtaining eight scholarships over the years.

In concluding the tenth year of studies as a graduate, he prepares the admission for the Master’s Degree in Jazz in the same Conservatory. The two following years are full of meetings with illustrious Maestros with whom he continues his studies: Paolo Damiani, Danilo Rea, Vincenzo Caporaletti, Rosario Giuliani, Mario Corvini, Ettore Fioravanti, Stefano Cantarano, Alessio Sebastio, Cinzia Gizzi and Fabio Zeppetella. He frequents masterclasses with Enzo Pietropaoli, Fabrizio Sferra, Julian and Roman Wasserfuhr, Danila Satragno, Dominuque Pifarely, Daniele Roccato and Roberto Tarenzi, with whom he begins a high specialization jazz piano course.

In the classical sphere instead he has the opportunity to deepen his pianistic studies with the distinguished Maestros Michelangelo Carbonara, Bartlomiej Kominek, William Drabkin, Roberto Cappello, Gilda Buttà, Luca Pincini, Boris Berman, Roberto Plano and Pierluigi Camicia. At the same time, after the degree, he starts the biennium of High Piano Specialization with the Maestro Camicia, obtaining, in 2017, the Diploma with maximum marks at Accademia Ludus Tonalis in Rieti (Rome).

In 2016 he wins some international competitions such as:                                          
  • International Music Competition of Salzburg, with the debut at the Wiener Saal of Mozarteum in Salzburg;
  • audition at the Accademia Chigiana in Siena, where he attains the High Piano Specialization Diploma under the guidance of the Maestro Lilya Zilberstain;
  • first absolute prize at XXIII° International Piano Competition Anemos at the Ennio Morricone Hall in the University of Tor Vergata in Rome;
  • International Music Competition Dinu Lipatti at the Romanian Academy in Rome.

He also obtains remarkable results in the jazz ambit:
  • he wins a scholarship at the tenth edition of Fara Music Festival Summer School;
  • he wins another scholarship for the Collective School of Music in New York during the same festival edition; in this occasion he meets the Maestro Ramberto Ciammarughi, with whom he continues his jazz piano studies.

2017 is still a year of intense meetings and studies with Rosario Giuliani, Marco Siniscalco, Bruno Chevillon, Vincenzo Caporaletti, Fabiano Aruja, Costa Marc Ducret, Gianluigi Trovesi, Giancarlo Schiaffini, Giancarlo Gazzani, Ettore Fioravanti, Dave Schroedr.

In May the Conservatorio Santa Cecilia entrusts him with the appointment to hold his first masterclass as a graduand student of the Jazz Departement. He faces this flattering assignment with a speech titled Music is in the hands, a work about relationships between jazz and other genres of music, in which he demostrates the historical aspects of improvisation on the pianistic and compositive plane, pointing out the connections existing between classical music and jazz, particularly from the experience of some Italian musicians.

He enriches himself with other prizes and scholarships, such as:                                               
  • Berklee College of Music in Boston;
  • International Piano Competition Jacopo Napoli, Cava de’ Tirreni (Salerno);
  • International Piano Competition Rotary Club, Teramo;
  • International Piano Competition Premio Crescendo, Florence;
  • Miami Music Festival in Florida;
  • Concorso Internazionale Pianistico Lia Tortora, Città della Pieve (Perugia);

The contamination of apparently opposed but parallel worlds, which characterize his course of study is also reflected on his professional experiences, both in terms of the pianistic and compositive elements.
Over the years he establishes different collaborations and participates in numerous festivals of the Italian musical scene, in which he performs both in terms of instrumental ensembles as well as in solo recitals, in the classical and jazz field.

In October he wins another full scholarship, delivered by Conservatorio Santa Cecilia. It gives him the opportunity to frequent the course of Composition in Popular Music at C.E.T. of Mogol. On this occasion, he has the privilege to deepen and extend his composition studies, graduating under the guidance of the Maestros: Giulio Rapetti (Mogol), Alfredo Rapetti (Cheope), Giuseppe Barbera, Giuseppe Anastasi, Angelo Valori, Massimo Bombino and Maurizio Bernacchia.

He concludes the 2017 winning the audition for the Sanremo Young Orchestra, conducted by Maestro Diego Basso. The television production by Rai 1 has gone on air in early evening, directly from Teatro Ariston in Sanremo, from 16 February to 16 March 2018. In this occasion, he has the opportunity to collaborate and play with important artists of the national and international scene, such as: Arisa, Roby Facchinetti e Riccardo Fogli, Massimo Ranieri, Gino Paoli, Simon Le Bon, The Kolors, Michele Bravi, Europe, Ted Neeley, Toto Cotugno, Italian Cast of the musical Mamma Mia! (ABBA), Marco Masini and others.

2018 is a challenging year and, after Sanremo Young, other important experiences enrich his professional activity, as:
  • Collaboration as keyboard player in the new album of Enrico Intra, titled Gregoriani & Spirituals (Alfa Music);
  • Teaching assistant during the clinics of Berklee College of Music at Umbria Jazz;
  • Collaboration with the producer Alex Braga for the experimental project A-Mint in occasion of Maker Faire;
  • Participation at Sibiu Jazz Festival (Romania), with the debut at the
    Hall and the winning of the Best Soloist Prize.    

2019 starts with the second edition of Sanremo Young, that allows him to collaborate and play with italian and international artists, as: John Travolta, Rita Pavone, Noemi, Shel Shapiro, Maurizio Vandelli, Enrico Ruggeri, Amanda Lear, Mahmood, Ron, Riccardo Cocciante, Alexia, Povia, I Nomadi, Roberto Vecchioni, Sergio Cammariere, Gigi D’Alessio and Paola Turci.

In the next months fulfil new artistic experiences:

  • Contest Pe’ Strada by Emergency, doing a charity concert with BLEWITT at Piazza del Popolo (Rome), where he obtains the Public Prize.
  • Prize as Best 2 minute film given by Middlesex University of London, where he collaborated with the student Sofia Negri to realize a short film, writing the sound track inspired by the “Dance of the little swans” of Tchaikovsky.
  • He collaborates as composer, arranger and pianist to the new single of Basic Black, titled “Right Here”. The American group, composed by Lloyd Spec Turner, Kelvin Bradshaw, Sean Black Jones and Anthony Dupree Walker, publish the song into their new album “The Resurrection”.
  • Ballata per Genova: TV programme by “Rai 1” gone on air the 14th June 2019, conducted by Amadeus, Antonella Clerici, Luca and Paolo and Lorella Cuccarini, where he collaborates with artists as: Cristiano De Andrè, Raf, Umberto Tozzi, Elodie, Irama, Piero Cassano (Matia Bazar), Vittorio de Scalzi (New Trolls) and Franco Gatti (Ricchi e Poveri).
  • Festival di Castrocaro: 62nd edition of the singing competition, gone on air on “RAI 2” , conducted by Stefano De Martino and Belen Rodriguez with a jury composed by Simona Ventura, Andrea Delogu, the Master Bruno Sartori, Maurizio Vandelli and Elodie.
  • Festival Show: Italian summer tour, gone on air on “Real Time”. He partecipated as keyboard player and arranger, playing with important artists of the italian scene as Enrico Ruggeri, Fausto Leali, Paolo Belli, Red Canzian and Roberto Vecchioni, where he finally composed the song of the festival.


The journey continues...                        

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